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I have over eight years experience teaching children, teens, and adults in a variety of dance styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz, acrobatics, and lyrical. I'm a certified Acrobatic Arts teacher and Barre Fitness instructor and love to bring my training of both to all of my teaching. As a teacher, my goal is to encourage each of my students to find their own "voice" as a mover, and be confident in their own skin. Everyone is a dancer, you just have to start moving! Having attended a multi-disciplinary arts school from age eight to eighteen, I believe that creative expression plays a crucial role in the development of well rounded individuals.

CDM-19_3087 copy.jpg
CDM-19_3087 copy.jpg


Acrobatics is a mixture of dance and gymnastics, combining the grace and effortless of many dance styles, with the athleticism of gymnastics. Acrobatics focuses on skill training (e.g. cartwheels, handstands, tumbling) as well as flexibilty, and strength.

As a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor and retired national-level rhythmic gymnast,  my goal is to train smart and safe dancers that have a balance of strength, agility, flexibility, and grace. 


Ballet is a very technical style of dance, often considered the foundation for other styles of dance such as jazz. This style of dance is most often performed to classical music and focuses on creating beautiful lines and effortless phrases of movement.

I've trained in RAD Ballet under the direction of Cynthia Fisher. I've completed all graded and vocational exams with distinction. Most of my current ballet instruction is from ages 3-7. 

CDM-19_2822 copy.jpg
CDM-19_2822 copy.jpg


Jazz is a high energy dance form usually performed to upbeat (often pop) music. Within the jazz genre there are a number of sub-genres including jazz funk, broadway jazz, and lyrical jazz (also called lyrical). All sub-genres of jazz require a strong foundation in ballet.


I've worked with artists including Melanie Mah and Gino Berti. 


Contemporary dance is based on modern dance form techniques such as Graham Technique, Limon, and Horton. Contemporary dance is very expressive, and can borrow elements from all other dance forms including ballet, jazz, and hip hop.

I've worked with artists including Benoit Swan Pouffert, William Yong, and Dany Grosman



Barre is a relatively new style of group fitness classes that borrows elements from ballet, yoga, and pilates. It's usually done to upbeat music, and involves lots of long balances, pulses, and a slow muscle burn. 

I discovered Barre two years ago and fell in love! I'm now a certified Barre instructor, and hope to create a welcoming and accessible environment for people at any point in their fitness journey. 

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