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I'm an aquatic ecology and pollution researcher, and am currently based at the University of Toronto, Canada. My supervisor is Dr. Chelsea M. Rochman. More information about our lab can be found here. 


I'm interested in how anthropogenic stressors impact rivers and streams. I use both field and laboratory approaches to understand this question. 

Aside from my academic research, I'm an avid science communicator and love to talk science with community groups, schools, companies and more. If you'd like to have me present my work, please feel free to get in touch!

I completed my undergraduate degree at McGill University with a major in Biology, and Minors in Natural History and Urban Geography. I completed my thesis project with Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves, where I investigated the community-level impacts of eutrophication in a mesocosm experiment. 

My goal is to conduct scientific research that will help make our earth a better place for all living things. 

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