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Please send me an email from my contact page if you would like a PDF of any of my publications. 

Journal Articles

Rochman, C.M., Brookson, C., Bikker, J., Djuric, N., Earn, A., Bucci, K., Athey, S., Huntington, A., McIlwraith, H., Munno, K., De Frond, H., Kolomijeca, A., Erdle, L., Grbic, J., Bayoumi, M., Borrelle, S.B., Wu, T., Santoro, S., Werbowski, L.M., Zhu, X., Giles, R.K., Hamilton, B.M., Thaysen, C., Kaura, A., Klasios, N., Ead, L., Kim, J., Sherlock, C., Ho, A., Hung, C. 2019. Rethinking microplastics as a diverse contaminant suite. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 38, 703-711. 

Barrow J, Beisner B, Giles R, Giani A, Domaizon I, Gregory-Eaves I. 2019. Macrophytes moderate phytoplankton taxonomic and functional community composition during nutrient loading experiment. Freshwater Biology. 64 (8): 1369-1381.


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